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Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm

Herkunftsort Shenzhen, China
Markenname maxair
Zertifizierung CE, ROHS
Modellnummer CR-05
Min Bestellmenge 20 PC
Preis Negotiable
Verpackung Informationen Neutrale Verpackung
Lieferzeit 3-5 Tage nach Zahlung 100%
Zahlungsbedingungen EXW/FOB (Shenzhen)
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit 3000 PC pro Monat

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Art Luftpumpe Material PP., PBT
Energie 1.5w Spannung 5V
Anwendbarer Bereich 20-80sqm Geräusche kleiner als 30dB
Anwendung Auto, Hotel, Haushalt Funktion Humidification+-Aromatherapie



Aroma-Diffusor des Auto-80sqm


USB-Auto-wasserloser Aroma-Diffusor

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Home Aromatherapy Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Mini USB Car Waterless Aroma Diffuser

Product Description
1. Lithium battery+Micro USB Charging

Typically diffuser need wired adapter ,PR27 with 2000mah lithium battery inside and can diffuse 80 hours once full charged .
2. Air pump technology
Typically essential oil diffuser need add water work with ,With this advanced technology PR-27 can work with pure essential oils directly, thus it will bring better aromatherapy effective and contribute to expand oils sales.
What’s more air pump come with much lower noise lower than ultrasonic ones .
3. Portable design

Thanks for its mini body size , Consumercan put it in Car and Closet .enjoy the aromatherapy anywhere you like .


Car aroma diffuser
Model NO CR-05 CR-06 CR-08 (to be ready soon)
Image                             Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm 0               Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm 1                Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm 2
Material PP,PBT PP + PBT +Aluminum PP + PBT +Aluminum
Color black,pink,red,white,green,blue,yellow,purple black,gray,green,gold,silver black,gray,green,gold,silver
Voltage DC 5V 1A DC 5V 1A DC 5V 1A
Builtin battery yes yes yes
Power 1.5W 1.5W 1.5W
Working Currency 100mA 100mA 100mA
Noise <40dB <40dB <40dB
Refill bottle 10ml 10ml 10ml
Oil consumption 0.1ml/hour 0.1ml/hour 0.1ml/hour
Product weight 260g 340g 360g
Dimension L*W*H Φ68*108mm Φ71.5*120mm Φ66*135mm
Giftbox size 9.7*7.5*12.5cm 9.7*7.7*14cm 9.7*7.7*15cm
Qty/carton 24pcs 24pcs 24pcs
Carton Size (CM) 42*25*29cm 42*26*32cm 42*26*34cm
Carton Weight(kg) 8.2 kg 11.7 kg 13.7 kg


Product advantages:

1) 100% ESSENTIAL OIL ATOMIZATION -Waterless and heat-free, air pump nebulizes essential oil directly, maximize the benefits of every drop of essential oil.
2) INTERMITTENT DIFFUSION MODES - 15s ON - 165s OFF; 60s ON - 120s OFF; 120s ON - 60s OFF. Timer: 1H/ 2H/ 3H/ Continuous on.
3) COMPACT & PORTABLE - Compact size, built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, portable to carry. You can use it in your room, office, car, etc.
4) MODERN & DURABLE - Modern design with quality durable aluminum alloy cover and BPA free polypropylene. Sleek, eco friendly and safe. Effective: With this essential oil diffuser, the ultra-fine mist of essential oil can be diffused to the whole room in a few minutes. Help purify indoor air and improve your mood.



1. Waterless/ Heat Free

2. Rechargeable Lithium Battery

3. Conveniently Carry

4. Continuous & Intermittent Mist Mode

5. 2 Hours Automatic- -off

6. Intermittent Mode: 15s/ 30s/ 60s

7. 10 ml Essential Oil Containers

8. USB Cable

9. About 35-38db


Safety performance of products:


All material of plastic parts are BPA free, healthy and safety for all human body
Noise Pollution free:
Visible mist
Inaudible sounds
Noise level: 26-29dB
EMC electromagnetic shielding
Healthy for baby,pets and pregnant Mother, sick persons
Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm 3


Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm 4


Quality Control for our Products:

Each main parts like air pump, nozzle, circuit boards will be 100% tested before production, each finished product will be 100% tested before packing, each packed product will be tested with Drop and Shock Test.

Product application:

car, office, home, yoga, spa, travel.


Auto-Aroma-Diffusor Mini-USB PBT-Aromatherapie-80sqm 5